Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well I finally gave in and got a blog. We will see how long this lasts! Here is Michael and my life lately:
1. Summer is finally here. It seems as if we never have a break. I have the summer off, but unfortunately Michael doesn't. He works everyday while I lay out by the pool and eat sno cones.

2. I got a job for this next year. I will know for sure (hopefully) if I will continue to be in the second grade next year or switch grades.

3. Michael got a job. He will be a head football coach for 7th grade. Not sure yet on his spring sport he will be coaching. He is pretty pumped about it! This is all he has ever wanted to do is coach football!

4. I have figured out how much I dislike having no job! I mean what is the point in being off when all your friends still have to work? I feel like I have no life because I have no where to be each day. It is nice to have no agenda for the day, but I feel useless!

5. Michael and I bought a house. We are supposed to close on it next week! Pretty excited about that! I will post pictures soon!

6. Picking out paint for the house is fun! But the thought of painting the whole house..... well it will be interesting. We are thinking about just hiring someone to come do it! :-)

7. My grandma is finally moving by my parents! All my life she has always lived hours away. Now she is only going to be 45 seconds away. She is pretty excited to be by all of us finally.

8.Michael and I have been married a little over a year now. I cannot believe how quick time flies. It has been a wonderful year and will only get better as the years go by!

9.My sister finally got the vehicle of her dreams! A jeep wrangler! It is amazing! It's all black! She is pretty pumped about it! She is like a kid in a candy store! :-)

10. That's all for now..... update more soon! :-)

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  1. Oh and did I mention..... my best friend got married!!!! Congrats to James and Amanda Dale! :-)Love y'all and I am so happy for you guys!